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Aloha, I am Laura: a music lover, a Nationally Certified interpreter, and supporter of equal access for all people to the arts. I had my first recording studio experience at ten years old. Since then, I have attended concerts by thousands of bands over 26 years. In my 12+ years of professional interpreting experience, I have spent six years interpreting for concerts and musical performances, interpreting for over one hundred artists so far.


The first time I interpreted a concert, a Deaf consumer approached me and said, “What was that song? That song is about my life.” This was a profound moment for me as a communication access provider. Finally, at 30 years old, this individual was able to personally connect to the music in a way that I was able to have as a young child which was especially helpful during the angst of my teenage years.


A few years ago there was an article calling my Interpreting team "hand ninjas". So far, I have been unable to locate the article to cite, but it has always stuck with me. While "hand ninjas" is very catchy and interpreters have been called many things, I do believe all ASL users are "hand ninjas". The goal of the ASL Hand Ninjas Youtube page is for Deaf and Hearing Interpreters to share prepared and professional interpretations with the Deaf community & to give the hearing community a variety of professional examples to view.




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