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Christopher Tester, Certified Deaf Interpreter


Laura Safranski, Freelance Interpreter

Nationally Certified through RID -  NIC

Nationally Certified through RID,  special Certification for Education; K-12 -  EIPA 4.2

Licensed to Interpret in the State of Arizona

Hawaii Quality Assurance - HQAS 5

Freelance and Performing Arts Interpreter. 

Mainland USA & Pacific Islands

Sabrina Smith, ASL Interpreter


Andrea K Smith, M.A., SC:L, CI/CT, NIC

DC based interpreter serving the United States and international requests. Specializes in legal, cleared, and scientific/technical content.

Gate Communications

Non-profit 501 c3 organization providing a wide variety of services to the local, American &  International Deaf Communities


Non Profit helping Deaf communities


Nationwide Interpreter Directory

Nationwide Interpreter Directory

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